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If you have ideas for a one-off, or some custom finishes, FX Australia will create it for you, from inception to completion. Our coatings are manufactured on site at our Sydney factory, where Alberto Sanvito and his team will develop your custom finish using the finest raw ingredients and technical expertise available. Through cooperative on-site and in-field testing, your manufactured custom finishes will serve its intended purpose precisely, with the FX Australia guarantee standing behind it.

Profit from the FX Network

No need to limit your services or your client’s choices when you can tap in to the FX Network.
Some FX special effects coatings require the specialised knowledge of an FX-trained applicator for a perfect, no-fuss result, so if that’s not you, why not employ an FX-trained applicator to assist you? That way, you meet your client’s needs without compromising on quality, and stay in charge of your project.

Through the FX Network, we can provide recommendations for trained applicators in your location, so you don’t waste time (and money!) checking out the skills of new team members before you hire. Whatever your question is about – application, product suitability, colour, texture – FX is happy to give you the right answer. Because FX manufactures locally specifically for Australian conditions, we know everything there is to know about our products, and we’re more than happy to share. We’re just a phone call or email away.

FX Network Bonus for Shopfitters

If Shopfitting is your business, you’ll know there’s been a swing to pre-fabricated, custom-designed wall and ceiling panels and shelving for commercial and retail centres. Not only do they provide cost benefits, especially when designing multiple sites for the same client, but the ‘look’ of the custom-made panels is often also a part of the client’s branding.

Using FX products to finish custom-made panels off-site means consistent design and colour, and on completion, quick and easy installation with fewer complications. FX can provide an exciting custom finish for your custom-made panels through the FX Network of trained and experienced applicators. We are also able to advise on appropriate coatings from our extensive range of special effects products, so call or email today for advice and contact with the FX Network.

Check out our helpful Check Lists

As a trade professional, you understand the value of having all the information you need on hand right from the word go. To help you start every job with confidence, FX has prepared a series of Check Lists, so that you and your team can move ahead fast and efficiently, and produce the results that you (and your client) will be proud of.

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