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Product choice is based on many factors. Before choosing a product from any of the FX Ranges, consider the following:
  • Personal taste:
    Your client might have a good idea about how they want the finished job to look, but not how to get it. Use your professional knowledge to guide your client through the FX range of coatings. FX has a product suitable for all tastes and budgets, and The FX design service is at your service to guide and assist both you and your client.
  • Inspiration:
    If your client is looking for new finishes and colours, inspire them with the many exciting ideas you’ll find on this website for a wide range of domestic, retail and commercial projects.
  • Function:
    Is the finish serving a purpose? Decorative, protective, or both? Many FX products are both decorative and protective.
  • Consistency:
    For every aspect of every project, there’s an appropriate FX Australia product, so by recommending a complete suite of FX products, you save your client’s time and can be confident of consistent high quality. FX high-performance architectural coatings – FX Pro, FX Max and the ultra-safe FX Lemon Tree Creek – are perfect for standard walls, ceilings and trims and can be used alongside FX Special Effects coatings and combined with FX purpose-formulated coatings such as the FX Isolare exterior insulation range. Let FX Australia guide you through our one-stop shop.
  • Cost:
    Look at the total cost to commence and complete a project. Include preparation work and specialist tools. Do you require hire equipment? Do you need to add a specialist FX applicator to your team?
  • Proficiency:
    All FX products are water-based: they’re easy to use, won’t create clean-up problems, and most can be applied by a professional trade painter. A few of our special effects products require the skills of an FX-trained applicator. Our Product Information Sheets will identify these for you, and the FX Network will locate an FX specialist applicator in your area if required. Read the relevant FX Product Information Sheets to assess whether your skills are appropriate to the product selected by your client.

You’ll find more information and ideas on the individual product and projects pages on this website. If you have questions about any aspect of the job, phone FX directly for answers. We’ll give you all the help you need to be your professional best. Your success is our success.

Still Unsure? - We are at your service!

  • Read the relevant Product Information Sheets to work out the quantities of
    product you require and any preparatory products.
  • Read the Checklist Stages 1–3 for preparation tools and other goods you may require.
  • Unsure of the colour? Request a ‘brush-out’ or purchase a sample pot.
  • Uncertain of your measurements and quantities? Ring or email FX to assist.

Applicator Check List - Other stages in this series:

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