FX Australia® Product Information
FX Rust Paint Metal Base Coat & FX Rust Effect Top Coat (AC & PH)
(Interior & Exterior)
Product Description
The FX Rust Paint system is a two-phase system that produces authentic, aged rust effects. It replicates the colours and
unusual textures of metal weathered by nature and can be used to add impact in large outdoor and indoor areas, or
revive decorative sculptures and pots.
Please note: Customers should ascertain the appropriateness or otherwise of the FX Rust Paint system by testing the
product/effect on the area to be painted before the commencement of a project. It is suitable for most interior and
exterior vertical surfaces, but not recommended for areas where water pools or ponds. Rust finishes vary and the final
effect will depend on application methods and environmental factors.
Ease of application
Attractive finish
Easy spreading
Easy clean-up
The FX Rust Paint system is suitable for use on plasterboard, timber, pots and metal and timber sculptures.
Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt, dust, grease, loose or flaking paint and loose surface plaster.
Efflorescence or mould must be treated. Flatten gloss surfaces by thoroughly sanding and wipe with a damp cloth.
Apply FX Lemon Tree Creek® Sealer Undercoat as required. For best results, tint undercoat grey.
Step 1: FX Rust Paint Metal Base Coat: Stir contents well before and during use. Apply two coats with a roller or brush,
allowing 4–6 hours drying time between coats. When second coat is just touch-dry, proceed to Step 2.
Step 2: FX Rust Effect Top Coat: Stir contents well before and during use. Apply one coat of FX Rust Effect Top Coat AC or
PH. After thirty minutes spray water over surface, but do not over-spray. Keep the surface moist for a minimum of two
hours. You may continue to spray water until satisfied with the effect, for up to four days. Once the desired finish is
achieved and is completely dry, apply one coat of FX Super Matt Clear to prevent further oxidation effects.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not apply product in extremely dry or windy conditions. Do not allow second coat
of FX Rust Paint Metal Base Coat to dry completely before applying FX Rust Effect Top Coat.
Approximate Spreading Rate:
FX Rust Paint Metal Base Coat: 3–4 square metres per litre.
FX Rust Effect Top Coat: 9–10 square metres per litre.
Approximate Film Thickness: N/A.
Thinner: Not required.
Tinting: Refer to colour chart for tinting specifications.
Method: Roller or brush.
Drying Times (at 25 °C): Touch: 2 Hours; Recoat: Second coat of FX Rust Paint Metal Base Coat, 4–6 hours.
Note: Do not apply paint if the air temperature or substrate temperature is below 10 °C or above 35 °C.
The temperature should not fall below 10 °C during the drying process.
Clean up: Water. Safety: Dust Mask. Gloss Level: Less than 5% at a 60° viewing angle.
Safety and Environmental Care
Personal Protection: Wear eye protection and dust mask when spraying, as splashes may cause eye irritation and inhalation of spray
mist may cause respiratory irritation.
Asbestos cement sheeting: Do not disturb, sand or scrub, and avoid any peripheral dust. If you do not have professional expertise
in the handling/removal of asbestos sheeting, use a licensed asbestos removalist.
Refer to product labels, current FX Australia Safety Data Sheets or call FX Australia for detailed information.
Slippery when spilled · Restrict access to area until clean-up is completed · When cleaning up spills, use personal protection
equipment · Stop leak if safe to do so and contain spill with absorbent material such as sand, vermiculite or other inert material ·
Prevent spill from entering waterways · Collect and dispose of spilled material according to local regulations · Wash away remnants
with liberal amounts of cold water.
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