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1. What paint sheen level is best on interior walls?

FX Australia always suggest using FX Max Easy Clean Low Sheen or FX Lemon Tree Creek® Low Sheen to ensure easy maintenance of surfaces.

2. What paint is best to use in bathrooms and kitchens?

FX Australia always suggest using FX Max Easy Clean Low Sheen or FX Lemon Tree Creek® Low Sheen to ensure easy maintenance of surfaces.

3. Do I need to undercoat pre-painted surfaces?

If the surface is in good condition; there is no chalky or flaking paint, no grime or mould then the surface only requires a light sand before refreshing with a finish coat such as FX Max Low Sheen or FX Max Ceiling Flat.

4. Why do I need to undercoat walls and ceilings?

FX Australia always recommend undercoating surfaces with FX Max Superprep to ensure a perfect painted finish. Undercoating will help protect the surface and ensure longevity and durability of the finish coats.

5. Why choose FX Lemon Tree Creek® Water-Based Enamel for doors and trims?

Using FX Lemon Tree Creek® Water-Based Enamel will ensure a durable finish and easy maintenance for doors and trims plus peace of mind knowing the product is environmentally friendly.

6. What is the difference with the various FX architectural ranges of paint?

Each range is based on a price point without comprising on quality. FX Supreme and FX Pro are ideal for large scale professional projects where price and quality are important. The FX Max and FX Lemon Tree Creek® ranges are high-end, environmentally friendly products delivering high-performance, durability and easy maintenance.

7. What is Stucco and Marmorino?

Stucco and Marmorino are plaster-based products which produce beautiful, classical Italian-style finishes. FX recommend an experience applicator for all FX trowel or plaster-based products such as FX Flexible Stucco or FX Marmorino. Always read FX Product Information Sheets for more details or contact FX Australia direct.

8. What are FX Australia’s best-selling products?

FX Travertino® and FX Flexible Stucco are FX Australia’s best-selling products. They have been used in some of the most sought-out projects in Australia and Asia.

9. Is FX Australia an Australian company?

FX Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned and FX products are 100% manufactured locally in Wetherill Park, NSW. By buying Australian you are supporting local jobs and securing the future of Australian manufacturing.

10. Why buy products from FX Australia?

FX Australia is Australian. That means technical advice is easily accessible and prompt. You have peace of mind knowing FX products are made for Australian consumers and Australia’s harsh conditions backed with extensive testing and globally recognised accreditation.