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Good preparation is the key to a professional look. When preparation is correctly carried out finish coats are much easier to apply and the outcome more satisfying. Poorly prepared surfaces will showcase imperfections. Mould and water damaged areas are to be treated before other preparatory works. Mould is best treated with an appropriate cleaner. The source of your water damage needs to be found and fixed. Remember water travels and may not be directly behind the damaged area.Before painting or sanding, cover flooring and furniture with canvas drop sheets. Once the water source is fixed a shellac-based undercoat is needed, to cover the discoloured walls or ceilings, before re-painting.

Where necessary fill holes and other imperfections with an appropriate filler, sand then undercoat if needed. Remember to use good quality masking tape to tape up areas you want protected such as skirting boards.

Helpful Hints

If switching from dark colours to lighter shades the walls or ceilings may need to be undercoated before finish coats are applied. Otherwise dark colours may bleed through.

Choose good quality tools and when required an experienced and licenced tradesman. Speak to your stockist or call FX Australia directly.

When choosing a tradesman, always check licences and insurances. Ask for references or ask to view previous works. FX Australia can recommend qualified trade men in Australia, Asia, Middle East and in Italy via our international stockists and through the FX Australia training network.

Choosing a Product

Choosing a product or style of finish for a home or large commercial project can be daunting. A finish should be both practical and beautiful.

Generally products with a flat or matt sheen disguise problem walls but are not easy to clean or maintain inside a home.

Products with a satin, gloss or semi-gloss sheen are best for interior surfaces. But they expose imperfections such as holes, poorly sanded areas and walls that are not straight. Good preparation is vital. FX Metallics are great for creating a sophisticated look and providing a surface which is functional in a modern household. FX recommends flat European style products such as FX Mud Paint, FX Lime Wash, FX Marmorino or FX Maximus on exterior surfaces.

Choose a finish which expresses your style, adds colour to a room, or simply to give that WOW factor! Look at colour charts and start with sample pots to experiment with your designs. Look for ideas from the FX Australia Website or discuss your needs with your stockist or call FX Australia direct.

Application Methods

Application methods vary depending on which FX Product is used. The majority of FX Products are easily applied. An experienced applicator is recommended for the FX Stucco& Textured Range. See the FX Product Information Sheets for further details.


FX Australia has a wealth of experience and knowledge associated with large commercial projects. FX Australia is readily available to give technical advice and support for their extensive range of decorative finishes. Custom made finishes and applications are available on request.


FX Australia is proudly Australian-made and Australian-owned. FX Australia thanks you for your patronage. Do not hesitate to contact FX Australia for further details on products, application methods or services


The information contained within this page is a general overview. Customers should satisfy themselves to the suitability of an FX product, chosen colour and application technique. Read FX Product information Sheets and seek additional advice from FX Stockists or directly from FX Australia before use. Trades persons are employed under the discretion of the customer. No warranty or guarantee is implied or given. View Disclaimer