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When Alberto Sanvito arrived in Australia in 1991, he brought with him a vast storehouse of knowledge about how to use the colour and texture of paint to turn any simple surface into a decorative tour de force. But the practical application of his knowledge relied on having the right paint products available locally.

By 1999, after four years of intensive research in Italy and wherever European expertise could be found, Alberto Sanvito had sourced the finest raw pigments, and the cutting edge technology and application methods to make FX Australia a world-class supplier of premium, water-based special effects coatings.

And it hasn’t stopped there.

The Sanvito family, circa 1975, pursuing their love of mountaineering on PIZZO CAMINO, in the village of LOZIO, north of their home in Milan – world centre for design, fashion, art and industry, then and now. As well as appreciating the great outdoors, this was a family that valued and nurtured cultural talents – music, languages, art – and above all, a commitment to excellence.


The Present

Continually raising design and technical benchmarks

Today, FX Australia manufactures a remarkable collection of specialised, high-end architectural paints and purpose-formulated coatings for a comprehensive range of decorative, commercial and industrial applications.

Technical excellence and professionalism are still the cornerstones of this family owned and operated company, through continuing research, innovation and hands on support and advice for both retail and professional design clients.

And while FX Australia now services an international market, our products are still proudly Australian-made, and our company 100% Australian-owned. You’ll find the complete range of FX coatings and full information about how we do things on this website.

Meet the full range of outstanding FX Australia water-based coatings

+ superb special effects coatings

The FX Australia range of special effects coatings has grown to more than 45 different finishes and incorporates every classic faux finish from Marmorino, Stuccos and Washes to contemporary Metallics, Waxes, Pearls and Rust effects. An unrivalled core colour range plus one-off colour capabilities, and infinite creative application methods translate great design ideas into finished masterpieces.

+ ultra-safe and high-end architectural coatings

Acknowledging concern for safer environments, FX Australia formulated a water-based range of APEO-free and VOC-free, or low VOC coatings for interior and exterior use. The Lemon Tree Creek® range, ultra safe and odour-absorbing, contains five integrated wall, ceiling and trim coatings, from Pre-Coat to Water-Based Enamel. For painting professionals, the FX Pro and FX Max ranges provide user-friendly, cost-effective alternatives for standard interior and exterior projects.

+ insulation + membrane coatings + protective metal coatings

The FX Isolare, Elastomeric, Membrane and Get Metal ranges are purpose-formulated coatings that address a wide range of structural and protective needs, from boosting natural climate control to industrial roofing renovation.

Our Future

To ensure company growth and ultimately, job security for our employees, FX Australia is working with like-minded organisations both in Australia and across the Asia Pacific to grow the FX Brand and expand our product range to meet the needs of specialised fields across various industries. Toll manufacturing is a significant part of FX’s business and an important tool in future expansion plans. Good old-fashioned hard work, expertise, innovation and building long-term business relationships are driving our business growth. FX enjoys a challenge and is not afraid to think laterally. We thrive on finding new solutions to old problems and innovating non-traditional concepts. If you or your company are looking to grow your business within the coatings manufacturing arena, call or email FX direct to discuss how your plans might fit with ours.